How to Find Nurse Jobs in Norway

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Nurse jobs in Norway


According to Statistics Norway, Norway will need between 95 000 and 135 000 additional health care workers in the next two decades, and far too few are being educated in Norway. Thousands of nurses and other health care professionals will therefore have to come from abroad.

Lingu Norwegian works with several health care recruiting agencies which constantly match the nurse jobs available in the market with new and old CV’s in our database. We have compiled a list of the most important factors that come into play for you who relocate to Norway to work as a nurse.

  • Apply to SAK for authorisation to work as a nurse
  • Start learning Norwegian online or at our training centre in Oslo
  • Take the Advanced Norwegian test “Bergenstesten” at one of the test sites around Norway.
  • Submit your CV and test certificate to recruiting agencies

Please read our complete guide for nurses relocating to Norway.